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Michael Pettinato - mikepixel :

Joshua Curtis - J.C.Brickston :

Anthony padilla is a game programmer whose been working with several game making engines for nearly 8 years, he has experience with unity, unreal, cocos2D, and most of the rpg maker series. He is also the creator and developer of Shave the world.

Michael Pettinato is a freelance artist who has over 4 years of work under his belt, he's extremely talented at,  but not limited to, pixel art. All around he's a cool dude and easy to work with, if you're interested in commissioning him, or just in the mood for awesome game art, check out his website.

Joshua Curtis is a video game music composer, he's an extremely down to earth guy, and is really creative, not only does he do the music, and sound effects he also helps brainstorm ideas for the game. If you're interested in commissioning him, or just wanna hear some really good video game tunes be sure to visit his bandcamp or his youtube channel.