shave the world title


Shave the world is a 2D Action Platformer inspired by several SNES era games, the game is inspired by titles such as megaman, castlevania, donkey kong country, etc. Shave the world is currently being developed by Anthony Padilla, with artwork commissioned by the extremely talented artist Micheal Pettinato, and music commissioned by the phenomenal composer Joshua Curtis(contact information can be found in the "contact us" section). The game takes place in Retro city, where Hair has started to take over civilians and begins transforming them into monsters, the protagonists of the game are an eccentric Barber, and an Air headed hair stylist. Each character will have their own unique arsenal, ranging from ninja star like scissors, to giant straight razors. Certain stages will include their own unique game mechanics as well, such as cart surfing through the isles of Retro Cities local super market. The game is also planned to include comic strip sequences, rather than dialog boxes. If you have any suggestions, or questions related to our game, we'd love to hear your feedback, just fill out the form in the "contact us" section of the website, you can also find a download to our early demo by clicking download link.