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It's another average day in Retro City, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and people are being transformed into hairy creatures and going on a rampage?! For some reason people are being taken over by the hair on their head, they seemingly are driven by a single goal, find and infect everyone they come across! Within hours the plague consumes seamingly all of Retro City, but hope is not lost yet, On the outskirts of town, theres an unlikely hero. The Odd barber with, a compulsive urge to shave people bald. Will our unlikely hero be able to shave the world?



  • Beatifully crafted Pixel art.
  • Retro tunes that will put you in the mood to shave someone bald.
  • Hair raising action in Metroidvania style gameplay with it's own unique style.
  • A variety of tools at your disposal ranging from giant straight razors, a giant high pressure can of mouse and more!
  • Lots of bad hair related puns.
  • Several different game modes.
  • Local co-op, compete with your friends to see who can shave the most.
  • 2 unique characters, each with their own skillset.